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Tag Archives: technology

‘I looked like a clown’: the truth about shopping on Instagram

The clothes that had been chasing me around my feed for months looked good in the adverts. Would they stand the test of…
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Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook business chief leans out of spotlight in scandal

As Facebook faces scrutiny over data harvesting, the Lean In author and architect of the companys controversial business model has kept a low…
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Clocking off: the companies introducing nap time to the workplace

Sleep has had an image problem in the business world, but some firms are now investing in a better-rested workforceOne of the more…
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Social media bots threaten democracy. But we are not helpless | Samuel Wooley and Marina Gorbis

Ever-more sophisticated Facebook and Twitter bots can sway political opinions. We have the technology to counter this we need the will to use…
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U.S. Tech’s Giant Money Machine Is on Full Display This Week

Alphabet Inc. posted results last week that extended their dominance of how we shop and search online. Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. will…
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How Adobe Got Its Customers Hooked on Subscriptions

When Adobe Systems Inc. started the transition from a product-sales model to a petition demanding the company abandon the scheme. Revenue shrank…
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